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For safe pet keeping, we offer high-quality wood shavings. Thanks to our special closed technological process, we can guarantee that the wood shavings are dust, bacteria, and mite-free, keeping your pets away from illnesses and potential infections.

Our products are made from poplar wood, which provides extra softness and gentleness while having excellent absorbent properties. The wood is sourced exclusively from controlled Hungarian forests.

After the logs are chipped, the wood shavings spend about 70-80 minutes in a sterilizing drying machine, which operates at 140-150 degrees Celsius, eliminating bacteria, other organisms, and pathogens from the shavings.

Following the drying process, the shavings go through a multi-functional, closed sieving system to remove dust, other contaminants, and oversized pieces.

The oversized pieces are then put into a hammer mill with a sieve, where they are cut to the appropriate size. They are then returned to the sieving system.

Finally, the premium shavings are ready, and after the entire closed process, we immediately package them, ensuring that your pets' soft bedding never comes into contact with the outside world.

Ideal for any rodents and birds, and our larger packaging is particularly recommended for horses, livestock and baby chicks!